Consume-less project: Ragusa – Siclily is the first location to host a professional “workation”



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The Consume-less project organized a “workation” for implementing the Communication campaign of the Consumeless tourism model in the pilot areas, Ragusa, Realmonte, Saranda, Naxos, Velez-Malga e Gozo.

The news comes from Ragusa, in Sicily, where Svi.Med Euro-Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development, in collaboration with the Regional Department of Tourism and the Municipality of Ragusa  has opened a public call to compile a short list for digital nomads and professionals freelance to provide input for the implementation of communication projects linked to the project  Consume-Less “Consume Less Mediterranean Touristic Communities”

Svi.Med found freelances and digital media experts nomads, including film makers, copywriters / storyteller experts in content marketing, SEO and digital strategist, copywriter, web designer, social media manager, for the creation of a professional communication Social Media campaign .

For the first time we are talking about the ‘digital nomads’, the new workers of the Web who perform their work remotely.

Secondly, they are not hired ‘only’ as professionals but we offer them a period of “work” and “vacation” – workation 10 days – paid work, travel, food and lodging –  in a beautiful destination to work in team, with the idea that a shared environment, professionally challenging, where the work alternates the typical moments of the holiday, they can reap great benefits for corporate goal.

And finally, that happens in Italy, even more significant for the further possibilities that opens for future development.

The communication campaign is aimed at raising the awareness of tourists, local stakeholders and tourism service providers to a more sustainable management of energy, water and waste in coastal tourist areas of the Mediterranean.

The professionals to be involved are “digital nomads” communication experts, with different skills specifically useful to the development of a professional communication campaign on Social Media (a Project Manager, a Film Maker, a Copywriter / Storyteller, a Copywriter / Translator, a Web Designer / WordPress Specialist, a Graphic Designer / Front End Developer, a Social Media Manager).

During the period of the workation, the professionals involved discover the territory that hosts them and produce “storytelling”  videos and a networking platform “” which will be the final outcome of the project.

Under the supervision of a project manager, the participants work as a team, each for their own professional skills, for the design and implementation of an effective and emotional communication campaign of the ConsumelessMed tourism model in the specific tourist location.

Brainstorming sessions, co-working and team-working will alternate to the more typical holiday moments that, as has been shown in other experiences of workation, are capable of stimulating creativity and productivity.

At the end of the workation the professional team officially present the designed communication campaign, which could therefore be implemented immediately after the conclusion of the “workation” experience to achieve the objectives of the MED Consume-less project.


What is a “workation”

The English word “workation” is a combination of the word “work” and the word “vacation” and indicates a “working vacation”, or creative, or a more or less long time spent in a place, a tourist destination for its historical, nature, food and wine, taking with them their jobs.

The “workation” is practiced and conceived for the Web entrepreneurs, creatives, for freelancers and for anyone that needs a good Wi-Fi connection and a laptop to work.

Internet has created a new category of workers, the Digital Nomads. They are professionals and Web entrepreneurs who like to travel, discover new places, explore new places, working independently.

For this type of professionals – whose number is increasing dramatically due to the development of mobile technologies related to the Internet and to the smart working, also practiced by companies – the advantage of a “workation” is to be able to discover new places and enjoy the pleasure of a vacation without the need to stop their work.

The added value of a “workation” is to carry out the professional activities in a shared working environment, in contact with professionals and entrepreneurs from the same cultural background and work, with which to discuss topics of common interest, in a relaxing environment, heartedness and deceleration that only a vacation can offer.

Several organizations are offering experiences of workation for digital nomads, start-uppers and freelancers – i.e., Hacker Paradise, Coworkation – providing to the participants tourism facilities, which can usually accommodate 15 to 20 people, to live and work all together for a week or more.

The tourism facilities provide a common area equipped for co-working and net-working among the participants, who share hours and work spaces, but also the most typical experiences of a holiday such as sports, relaxation, excursions, friendly gatherings.

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Do what you can, do it with others, and do it with passion.” –Guy Ryder, Chair of UN-Water, on the power of  individuals to change the world.


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