Svimed at the international conference “Re-connecting tourism”

Svimed at the international conference “Re-connecting tourism”

Organized by the MED Sustainable Tourism Community with the collaboration of the UNINT University in Rome, the conference called “Re-connecting tourism: promoting evidence-based policies for sustainable development” aims to bring together the community of MED projects to present the first results achieved by the 18 active projects and to discuss the best policies for the management and promotion of sustainable tourism.

The conference will try to answer two key questions underlying the whole tourism sector in the Mediterranean and even beyond:

  1. What do we need to know to design better policies for sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean coastal area?
  2. How can we manage environmental-cultural-social impacts of tourism while keeping this industry growing?

Barbara Sarnari, vice-president of Svi.Med. and present at the event as a representative of the Consume-less project, intervened with a contribution focused on the challenge of being able to involve at the right time and in the right way the different stakeholders (tourists, citizens, local authorities) of sustainable tourism.

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