The “ZERO WASTE” project aims to develop an integrated urban waste management system that can maximize the recovery of resources and energy and reduce the amount of waste that currently end up in landfills, reusing and recovering as much material and resources as possible through recycling. In this way it integrates perfectly into the MED Asse 2 space for the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable territorial development.


EFXINI POLI, Local Authorities Network for social, cultural, tourist, environmental and agricultural development Greece
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Laboratory for Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering Greece
Ecological Recycling Society Greece
Scientific research centre Bistra Ptuj Slovenia
ASAEL – Aragonese Association of Local Authoritie Spain
Ragusa Municipality Italy
BRGM – Office of Geological and Mineral Research, Regional Geological Service of Provence Alpes Côte-d’Azur France


– definition of an integrated “Zero Waste” management system for municipal administrations based on the principles of reuse, recovery, recycling and waste reduction.




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  • Titolo del progetto Zero Waste - Low Cost Zero Waste Municipality
  • Fonte di finanziamento PO MED 2007-2013 - Periodo 2009-2011
  • Periodo di svolgimento 05/2009 - 04/2012
  • Budget totale 1.305.600 €
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