CENSE project’s aim is the establishment of a network of “Towns in transition towards a
Circular Economy” addressing the challenges related to their own model of growth, oriented on
an environmental sustainability and stressing the reuse concept, as a common European vision of future development. The events foreseen are designed to present to local citizens’ communities all the opportunities the European Union offers for sustainable growth and development. Special attention is given to intergenerational exchange during the events involving young people and schools. The events are organized in thematic working groups (WG meetings) that will be implemented through the so called “sharing labs”, each one dealing with themes linked to Circular economy: Waste prevention, Reuse and green jobs, environmental management, Energy efficiency, Socioeconomic development and including a study visit to show
partner best practices already adopted or planned.
WG meetings are meant to show to the public the experiences and good practices of partners and to share their Local Action Plan for growth and development to local citizens and stakeholders. The local forums are the preliminary steps for the implementation of WG meetings and are addressed to the involvement of stakeholders and the target groups of citizens representing civil society. Furthermore these will promote the public consultation in order to
outline and enrich the Collection of Abstracts for a circular economy. Each WG meeting aims to integrate related issues and concrete good practices and strategies into the behaviors of citizens and inside the development strategies of the decision‐making process.


LCA Malta Malta
Varazdin Municipality Croazia
Svi.Med. Centro Euromediterraneo per lo Sviluppo Italia
Vaxjo Municipality Svezia
Macken Coop Svezia
Municipality of Peel en Mas Olanda
EGTC EfxiniPoli Grecia
Valle degli Iblei – Unione dei Comuni – Italia
Godeni Mountain Community Iezer Muscel Association Romania

General Objective:
The project aims to create a transnational network of municipalities and nonprofit organizations
working together to capitalize on the successful experiences in the field of environment and of circular
economy in order to share the Roadmap towards a resource‐efficient Europe in relation to the
implementation of single Action Plans for eco‐innovation.
Specific Objectives:
‐ Create forums of citizens about the policies of the EU 2020 and European circular economy;
‐ Enable laboratories of governance on circular economy in order to increase citizen engagement in
policy and decision‐making processes;
‐ Create an institutional and civic network to promote and capitalize on the experiences of best/good
practices and methodologies (Agenda 21, Covenant of Mayors, Energy efficiency, zero waste, etc …);
‐ Match institutions and citizens ideas to calibrate Action Plans on possible good suggestions;
‐ Promote the exchange of good practices and processes of sustainable development policies for the
partners territories through international events;
‐ Implement an operational strategy for the creation of a network of sustainable cities, according to the
models proposed by the citizens of the partner countries focusing on the implementation of the
principles of circular economy.

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  • Titolo del progetto CENSE - Circular Economy from North to South Europe: new pathways of citizenship decision processes
  • Fonte di finanziamento Europe for Citizens Programme
  • Periodo di svolgimento 01/07/2015 - 30/06/2017
  • Budget totale 130.000 €
  • Sito web http://www.svimed.eu/cense/