The objective of the project is to promote, in each of the participating countries, policies aimed at satisfying the water needs and sanitary needs of the population, reducing water withdrawals and improving the quality of wastewater receiving water bodies.


Region of Lazio, (Department of Environment and Cooperation among Peoples) Italy
Iridra s.r.l – Florence Italy
Svi.Med.onlus – EuroMediterranean Center for the Sustainable Development – Ragusa Italy
MRA – Malta Resources Authorities Malta
Ministry of Gozo Malta
Palestinian Hydrology Group for water and environmental resources development(PHG) Palestin
Palestinian Water Authority Palestin
Centre of Water Researches and technologies Tunisia

Associated Partners

Province of Ragusa Italy
University of Catania Italy


• The creation of local/regional “water tables”;
• the definition of sustainable solutions for water management;
• the development of a “political” protocol;
• the creation of “SWM house” (Demonstration houses for water)





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  • Titolo del progetto SWMED - Sustainable domestic Water Use in Mediterranean Regions
  • Fonte di finanziamento ENPI CBC MED Programme
  • Periodo di svolgimento Settembre 2011 - Febbraio 2015
  • Budget totale 1.788.385 €
  • Sito web http://www.swmed.eu