logo agroponic DEFThe major aim of Agriponic project is to spread the “aeroponica” innovative technique in agriculture. Through the aeroponic cultivation there is the creation of a protected environment where the plant has no exposition to pests and pathogens, with an increase in the level of oxygenation of the root system, the speeding up the phenological stages of plant development and with no risks for the development of fungal groups and the formation of algae. Main project result is the knowledge transfer about innovative soilles techniques in the Mediterranean area, where the practice of traditional agriculture in greenhouses goes towards an integrated soilless agricultural and high-tech production process, powered by green energy and without any kind of non reusable waste.
The project led to the creation of an aeroponic greenhouse in Tunisia with the experimental cultivation of aromatic plants, vegetables and herbs, which are placed on special conduit with perforated bases that support plant and roots. Such a system pushed to grow in arid and semi-arid areas, and obtained excellent results in terms of quantity and quality and environmental issues.


Coordinator – Ragusa Municipality (ITALY)

Partner – Confagricoltura Ragusa (ITALY)

Partner – URAP (TUNIS)

Partner – CRDA (TUNIS)


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  • Nome del progetto AGRIPONIC - Promozione e diffusione della tecnologia aeroponica in agricoltura
  • Fonte di Finanziamento Italia-Tunisia 2007-2013
  • Periodo di svolgimento Novembre 2011 - Agosto 2016
  • Budget totale € 740.250,00
  • Sito web www.agriponic.eu