ARISTOIL: the results of the oil analysis are ready

ARISTOIL: the results of the oil analysis are ready

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We inform all the members of the ARISTOIL project that we have received the results of the analyzes that our technical partner, the University of Athens, conducted on the oil samples collected between September 2017 and March 2018.

The analysis that were carried out on the sample concern only the total polyphenols content for the health indication with the NMR method, therefore these results do not depend on an evaluation of the quality of the product.

Those who have not left an e-mail or telephone number can call our offices at 0932.247643 and 346.6441286 and ask for information.

We also inform you that we are creating a “Living Lab” of companies that are strongly interested in improving their product in terms of quality and health, for the creation of a network of producers of Mediterranean Olive Oil…

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